From the largest and leading public relations and communications offices in Israel

Over the years Wilder Public Relations Office has provided professional services to hundreds of leading companies and corporations in the economy and to international companies
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Communication consulting, public relations and speaking

The Vilder public relations office provides professional services on an ongoing basis (retainer) to 67 business companies and corporations representing approximately 217 subsidiaries and brands.

PR Services

According to an examination conducted by the CPA firm Schiff Zenpertz & Co. which accompanies the firm – the average contract duration of the firm with clients is about 7.4 years on average.

This indicates a strong connection between the firm and the customers and customer satisfaction.

Media entrepreneurship

The firm is known in the market as an entrepreneurial, creative strategic firm that connects the clients to news events and is always by the client's side in the day-to-day activities as a strategic communications consulting firm.

Handling media crises

Our agency was selected as one of the three leading public relations offices in the field of dealing with media crises whose goal is to try to take the media crisis off the agenda and not accompany it only with reactions (and there are many receipts of success).

Communication consulting

After building a client strategy plan for media exposure Wilder and the team take care of regular media exposure over time and not only when the client has news events.

Mass media

The Vilder PR office provides PR branding and 360-degree media consulting with the goal of achieving maximum media exposure over time.

VPR agency provides a variety of services

10 companies
representing 217 subsidiaries
up to 4 %
Annual growth in 10 years
100 companies
and professional corporations
10 %
Full satisfaction with the service
Vilder Communication

Over the years, Vilder was chosen to serve as a commentator in the field of media crises, elections, branding. Vilder has appeared about 34 times on TV shows as a commentator and over 600 articles in the written, financial, and digital media.

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The "Vilder Public Relations" agency, owned by Zvi Vilder, was founded in 1981 and specializes in public relations, media consulting, spokespeople and crisis management

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